Scott’s Story: How I Used Precision Nutrition To Get Off Diabetes Meds

A brand new approach

Scott’s family history is filled with stories about the challenges of diabetes. His mum had Type 1 diabetes and his older sister was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes many years ago. 

After 15 years of cycling through and even stacking diabetes medications himself, Scott’s employer, QuickTrip Corporation, a grocery business, was offering a completely new way to approach diabetes and other metabolic diseases. The DayTwo program uses gut microbiome science, machine learning and dietitian support to determine an individual’s blood glucose response to any food. 

Getting Off Medications

After onboarding with DayTwo, and enjoying a hyper-personalized Food Prescription™ for twelve weeks, Scott was amazed to learn that his doctor recommended he could come off an expensive diabetes medication called Trulicity and even reduce his dose of Metformin by half after his blood work came back with significant improvements. Plus, the timing was just right because only one week after getting his blood glucose under control he unfortunately got struck with the COVID-19 virus. 

My COVID-19 Recovery

Through DayTwo, Scott has made some delightful discoveries.

I’m a firm believer that if I hadn’t had my blood sugar under control, I would have suffered greatly with the COVID-19 virus because I’m over 65 with high blood pressure and diabetes. But I just breezed right through it.

Scott was so thrilled with the results that he couldn’t wait to thank the HR benefits team that made his incredible journey possible.

I actually wrote an email to the person in charge of HR benefits and expressed to him how much I enjoyed the DayTwo program. Plus, my ability to overcome COVID-19 without any serious, long standing issues and my opinion that having my blood sugar under control was a major factor.

Scott has dropped 25 pounds in weight and his A1C reduced by 1.6 from 8.1 to 6.8 in just 3 months. Learn how your employees can build resilience and strengthen their immunity through precision nutrition just like Scott. Simply email us at

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