David’s Story: To be considered non-diabetic is more than I could ever have imagined!

David’s story may initially sound familiar. Like many people who have been diagnosed with Diabetes, he started to see the signs. Despite having a warm demeanor and positive outlook on life, this former record store manager got a nasty surprise when he almost blacked out behind the wheel on freeway I75 to Flint, Michigan and knew something serious was awry with his health.

Something was wrong. I was beginning to get sores on my feet, I was drinking a lot of water, going to the bathroom a lot and I was having fainting spells.

After speaking with a co-worker with Type 2 diabetes who encouraged him to visit the doctor, David was told he too had type 2 diabetes. Fast forward through many frustrating doctor visits and no progress on improving his condition, he was feeling out of options. 

That’s when he learned his employer, Morley Companies a business services organization, was offering a completely new way to approach metabolic disease. The DayTwo program uses gut microbiome science, machine learning and dietitian support to determine an individual’s blood glucose response to any food.

After onboarding with DayTwo, David learned that he could enjoy the foods he loves with minor modifications and still keep his blood glucose levels in a healthy range—before eating. Plus, he could rule in foods that he previously thought were off limits based on generic nutrition guidelines. Through DayTwo, David has made some delightful discoveries.

Using the DayTwo app, I’ve gotten into the habit of checking some foods out before I eat them. Some foods that I didn’t think I could eat before, I am now able to eat. Breakfast is a good one; a lot of times I would have eggs and toast. Now I’ve discovered that I can have raspberries and blackberries!

As part of the program, David worked with his personal dietitian regularly who became a mentor.

Working with my dietitian Tammy through DayTwo was a big factor in why the program worked so well for me.

Through a precision nutrition DayTwo Food Prescription™ and regular access to dietitian support that focuses on behavior-change and personal eating preferences, David’s health improved dramatically.

Before starting DayTwo’s program, my A1C was 8.3 which is out of control. Thanks to this program, my most recent A1C is a 5.2 which is considered diabetes in remission.

David has dropped from a 40 inch to a 34-inch waist and his friends even tease him with the nickname “skinny-mini” which to David is perhaps the most amazing upside of all.

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