Food or Fungi: What Really Drives Blood Glucose Levels?

Both The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Jama Network have recently published articles regarding the Mayo Clinic’s ground-breaking 327-person clinical trial that answered the following question: is glycemic response to food better managed by considering the unique characteristics of individuals or focusing exclusively on caloric or carbohydrate intake?

The study tested the efficacy of a predictive model in personalized glycemic response to foods, originally developed using an Israeli cohort that considered elements such as food and the microbiome. It was then applied against a Midwestern cohort in the U.S., and showed promising means for designing effective nutritional interventions.

Most importantly though, the study shows that an individualized approach to predicting blood glucose levels outperformed the traditional approach of solely watching calories and carbohydrates for maintaining healthy glycemic levels.

Read the full article from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Read the full article from JAMA Network.

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