Diabetes in a Post / Chronic COVID-19 Environment

Most companies would say their greatest asset is their workforce. Employees contribute to a company’s success by being present, productive, and healthy.

In turn, the company must provide a supportive culture and commitment to employee health. For the many employees who have diabetes, the importance of both of these cannot be overstated.

However, in this unprecedented time, both company culture and employee health are at their greatest risk, especially for those with diabetes. When a disaster hits, those with chronic conditions have more barriers to overcome.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, what are you doing to preserve the health and wellbeing of your employees with diabetes?

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  1. What are their risks/complications?
  2. How does isolation, stress and/or illness impact an individual with diabetes?
  3. What can you do in the workplace to provide extra precautions?
  4. If working at home, how will this impact eating, exercise, social, and medication routines?
  5. What telemedicine options are available?
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