“I am very satisfied and excited about the product. I use it all the time especially “Build your own meal.” I have less food cravings, more energy and HbA1c went down from 8.3 to 5.7% in 8 months.”

Etti Golan, 64

“I lost 14-16 pounds easily, since having stable insulin and sugar levels means that I wasn’t feeling hungry. I stopped feeling tired in the afternoon and had more energy. More importantly, my HbA1c levels went down to 6%, this was a huge gift.”

Dr Lubin, 61

“I am really enjoying using Daytwo, especially in combination with intuitive eating. I am amazed at how in just a few days, I am already more satisfied and energetic by utilizing the guidelines. My experience has really emphasized for me how important it is for nutrition guidelines to be personalized.”

Pnina B

“I feel that I have FINALLY found the answer, that I always knew deep down: We are all different and respond differently to food. You have proven this by enabling me to reduce my A1C levels significantly, with nutrition only – and lose 14 kilograms along the way. Thank you DayTwo for coming into my life!”

Talya Markovich, 64

“The best part is, I have complete control over what I can eat. There isn’t anything that’s “not allowed” and I can create food combinations that allow me to eat whatever I want. I can go out with friends to restaurants and I don’t feel that I am missing it. The app really helps me to check myself from time to time and create new combinations. I see the DayTwo plan as a lifestyle change, not a diet. “

Osnat Segev, 63