Step 1

Get Profiled

The DayTwo Microbiome Sample kit requires a microbiome sample is collected and sent to our lab at HudsonAlpha, in Huntsville, Alabama. The sample tells us all we need to know about the gut microbiome, in particular, the diversity and abundance of bacteria in the gut – the unique gut “signature”.

In addition, customers are asked to fill out a questionnaire and provide us with blood test results, including A1c.

Step 2

A Full Inventory of the DNA of the Gut Microbiome

DayTwo uses whole-shotgun sequencing to inventory the diversity and abundance of the gut microbiome to understand what bacteria species, strains, and genes are present. We now know that the microbiome is directly associated with your health.

Some key facts are:

  • We all have 100 times more bacterial genes than human genes.
  • The gut microbiome helps us digest food. It is assumed that we get 10%-20% of our energy with the help of our gut microbiome.
  • Gut microbiome diversity is an important measure of health
  • Gut diversity is something that we can influence based on our lifestyle and environment.

Step 3

Food & Meal Prescriptions

Whole shotgun sequencing of the gut microbiome produces a “fingerprint” of your gut that is used in DayTwo’s machine learning algorithm to enable food and meal scores and predictions for any food, meal, or branded grocery or chain-restaurant menu items. Higher scores mean “balanced’ for the patient, lower score mean food or meals that should be avoided to maintain blood sugar control.

Step 4

Personalized Nutrition On The Go...24x7x365

Patients can see their results and search for any food or meal combination in the DayTwo mobile app, which is populated with the scores and results for millions of foods once results are ready. This allows patients the power to know BEFORE they eat how they will respond to any food or meal, and assist them to make the best possible choices to balance blood sugar.

Food and meal recommendations are varied from person to person and unique to each person’s gut-profile.

Personalized recommendations can be used to reduce blood glucose excursions and maintain stable blood sugar.

Step 5

OnBoarding and Online Consultations

Once the sample is sequenced, and the data and profile information is entered into the DayTwo algorithm, the results are sent to the healthcare provider, usually a doctor, nurse, registered dietician, or health coach.

Onboarding to the DayTwo glycemic control program happens over a video call with the healthcare provider to review the microbiome profile results, and to build a personalized meal plan that enables glycemic control, The initial onboarding also allows the patient to download the DayTwo application, install on their phone, and receive the glycemic controlled meal plan and search functionality on their smart phone. This way the patient can have the meal plan on-hand at all times, and create new glycemic controlled meals and search for scores prior to grocery shopping, eating out, or cooking at home.

All About Combinations
Because we all respond differently to the same food, patients often respond differently to individual foods versus to food combinations. In other words, perhaps raspberries score poorly for one patient, but raspberries with yogurt and almonds scores better creating more balanced blood sugar.

The search functionality of the DayTwo app enables “google-like” search and find scores for any food and food combination to empower any patient to plan the grocery shopping, menu selection, or snack based on their personal blood sugar response score from daytwo. And the patient can know this information before the eat the food.