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We’re thrilled to spread the word about our unique precision nutrition approach to diabetes. At DayTwo, we use gut microbiome profiling and AI to help employees know exactly how their blood sugar will respond to food– before they even take a bite! Individualized food prescriptions coupled with 1:1 guidance from Registered Dietitians help employees stick with the program and achieve lasting results. Join employers and large health plans in making this precise care solution available to millions. You will be protecting vulnerable populations and helping them rewrite the narrative when it comes to diabetes.

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Help make this life-changing solution available to those who need it most

The DayTwo program helps employees regain control of their health, providing a sustainable path to remission for diabetes. They learn how to eat the right foods for their biology— without needing additional drugs or expensive surgeries. The best part? Employees show up & do their
best work when they feel better!

What customers are saying

“My personal dietitian was a mentor and became a friend. It’s been an emotional journey—I just wish this program could be available at every company.”

Saginaw, Michigan

Weight Loss – 17lbs
Reduced A1C from 11 to 6.6
Off of 2 medications

“This program is a life-changer! Losing weight, lowering my A1C, and getting my blood sugars under control meant I was disqualified from invasive gastric surgery. I’m so grateful for DayTwo!”

Midland, Michigan

Weight loss – 30lbs
Reduced A1C from 7.1 to 5.8
Saved employer $23K from surgery costs

“For 15 years with my doctor, it’s been the same thing upping my meds with no lasting results. With DayTwo, in just 7 weeks, I’m seeing almost immediate results with only small tweaks to my diet.”

Forney, Texas

Weight loss – 20lbs
Reduced A1C 9.0 to 7.0
Reduced 3 medications

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