Boost Adherence & Drive Positive Health Outcomes

DayTwo’s personalized nutrition and supporting tools enable value-based payment on A1C, population management, and care coordination.

Empowering you with engagement tools for their patients while removing tedious administrative work from your office, DayTwo brings ease to your practice so you can focus on your patients and focus more on improved glucose management.

Value for Clinicians

Benefit your practice by lowering your population health risks and improving the care delivered.

Understand at a deeper level what is happening with the gut microbiome.

Complement your nutrition, diet, and health planning consultations by empowering patients to understand their blood sugar response to the foods they eat.

Help your patients actively manage their blood sugar through the power of microbiome profiling & personalized nutrition community tools between patient and provider

How We Support You

Engagement tools for patient, administration tools for your practice, and ongoing training and certification

Joining the Health Practitioner Network allows providers to engage with patients incorporating nutrition recommendations based on their patients’ gut microbiome and additional clinical parameters.

DayTwo makes it easy to order kits, assign them to patients and track progress between sessions from our Practitioner Portal. Through the DayTwo mobile app, you can serve up customized meals directly to a patient supporting their path to glycemic control.

We support you with ongoing training to engage with patients on the DayTwo platform. We provide you best practices to optimize office visits and online check-ins with patients just by using DayTwo.

Benefits to patients:

  • Better blood glucose control without painful and invasive fingersticks and CGMS
  • Less craving, increased energy, and potential weight loss
  • More flexible, less restrictive personalized diet – better adherence since patients can still eat foods they enjoy without their blood glucose spiking

Speak to a member of our health practitioner team to learn how DayTwo can work in your practice.

More Than a Lab Test

DayTwo arms practitioners with actionable data, two reports, and personalized
nutrition recommendations for stable blood glucose for your patients

DayTwo is your tool for helping your patients better understand their unique response to food and keep their blood glucose levels in target range. Provide a deeper look into your patient’s blood glucose responses to foods based on their microbiome DNA.

Personalized food recommendations – it’s actionable, not just a lab test.

When results are ready you will receive:

  • Clinicians report that details the prevalence of the strains and species of the microbiota that live in your patients’ gut
  • 1 page summary with top microbiome findings and a few food surprises
  • Full access to the DayTwo Personalized App for each patient

Learn How It Works

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