Midwest Business Group on Health & DayTwo Partner on Employer Outcomes for Precision Nutrition

DayTwo is proud partner of Midwest Business Group on Health’s 41st Annual Conference where Dr Stephanie Duggan, Regional President and CEO of Ascension Michigan’s Northern Ministries, shared Ascension’s employer outcomes from DayTwo’s Precision Nutrition Program.


Ascension is one of the largest private healthcare systems in the United States, ranking second in the United States by number of hospitals as of 2019. It was founded as a nonprofit Catholic system and maintains this status today.


Stephanie Duggan M.D. was instrumental in choosing DayTwo’s innovative microbiome-based precision nutrition solution to help their employees with metabolic disease. For a population with Type 2 diabetes, they were able to reduce A1C on average by 1.4 and increase the amount of time spent in a healthy blood glucose range by 34%. In addition, some employees were able to reduce their diabetes medications or come off them altogether.


The clinical outcomes are like nothing I’ve seen before! I’m humbled by the results across the board; lowering A1C and significant weight loss without major changes to a patient’s diet.


During the pandemic, Dr Stephanie Duggan also shared that their employees reported improvements in sleep quality, energy and stress. As a former scientist, she appreciates the importance of using biomarkers to fully personalize a solution and achieve breakthrough outcomes.


Employer Outcomes for Precision Nutrition:


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