DayTwo’s Innovative Diabetes Solution Featured on Good Morning America

DayTwo’s innovative diabetes solution aired on Good Morning America on September 21, 2021 featuring DayTwo member Tom Idema of Central Michigan University.

Tom has struggled to keep his diabetes under control for over 20 years. He was prescribed an ever increasing regimen of medication, but had hit a wall. After becoming seriously ill with COVID, he knew something needed to change. That’s when his employer offered DayTwo.


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Learn how Tom achieved dramatic weight loss, dropped his A1C, and reduced medications

Not only is Tom no longer facing the prospect of costly injectable diabetes medications, but he has experienced a renewed sense of energy that he calls “life changing.” His success has been so inspiring that his wife is now enrolled in the DayTwo program as well. 


Innovation In Action

DayTwo’s proven approach has been revolutionary for over 75,000 members including those with diabetes, prediabetes, and clinical obesity. The protocol is based on scientific discoveries that people respond differently to the same food. Using the highest resolution microbiome analysis available and a unique artificial intelligence-based algorithm, the DayTwo app can accurately predict blood sugar response to food and food combinations– before employees even take a bite! 

Given AI-powered Food Prescriptions ™ and the ability to search over 1 million food, grocery and restaurant menu items, employees know exactly what they can eat to keep their blood sugar from spiking. DayTwo’s microbiome science allows them to continue eating foods that are part of their lives and cultures. These aspects, supported by ongoing clinical guidance from Registered Dietitians, makes the DayTwo program stand out in comparison to other diabetes programs, which typically focus on monitoring, one-size-fits-all and/or carb elimination diets. As Tom’s story demonstrates, employees can reach a healthy weight and get off medications using a precise food as medicine approach. 


Diabetes Remission At Scale

By leveraging the predictive power of an individual’s gut microbiome and offering an effective alternative to costly medications, DayTwo is committed to expanding the life-changing results of precision nutrition. Employers, health systems, and health plans can now offer a proven path to remission of chronic conditions to their employees, patients, and members. DayTwo is excited to use its world leading gut microbiome dataset, science, and IP to continue to develop ground-breaking clinical discoveries and life-saving disease interventions.

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