Jan is a tri-sector healthcare executive that has proven results as a senior executive in the three sectors of private, public and government services over the last 30 years. In 2009 Jan founded Health Intelligence Partners as a health care consultancy that blends more than thirty years of business and clinical experience. Health Intelligence Partners has a global focus (engagements in 14 countries with both Health Organizations and National Ministries of Health), working with clients on areas of growth including short-term and long-term business strategies and solutions. Health Intelligence Partners helps clients to navigate intersection of strategy and operations within both the healthcare and consumer goods and services environment in order to identify and articulate value opportunities.

Prior to founding Health Intelligence Partners, Jan served as Senior Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer and Innovation Officer for CVS Health/Caremark. During that time, she was a corporate officer and on the executive team with P & L (500 million-dollar business unit), operations and strategic experience. Jan also lead Caremark’s Medicare Part D development and was the clinical lead for CVS Caremark’s M & A activity. During this time, Jan developed an expertise in both healthcare and retail consumer behavior. Before going to CVS Caremark, Jan had 15 years’ experience in healthcare administration within the health plan and academic arenas and lead operations for two population health companies.

As a veteran healthcare executive, Jan’s leadership has delivered results in a variety of settings. Jan offers her experiences and insights through her consulting agency as well as through her participation on healthcare and consumer product boards. She presently sits on healthcare focused boards including), GNS Healthcare (Vice Chair of the Board, Chair; Governance/Compensation/Nomination Committee, M&A/Strategy Committee), Cambia Health Solutions (Consumer Engagement Platform Committee, Health Services Committee), Tabula Rasa (Nominations, Compensation, Governance), UCB Pharmaceuticals and Voluntis Health Care (Chair, M&A/Strategy Committee). Jan’s consumer focused boards have included Savor Health, Care Heroes and Whiskerdocs. Jan previous board experience includes; Care Core National (Committees: Audit and Finance Committee, Compensation, Search, M&A and Strategic Directions), AccentCare (Chair; Compliance Committee, Compensation Committee), Qliance and Rx-Ante. She also sits on numerous business and healthcare advisory boards.

As the author of the books “Leveraging Health”, “Thirteen Common Pitfalls in Consumer Engagement”, “We Don’t Talk Anymore: A Consumer’s Guide to Connecting with their Doctor” and “Medical Liability for Pediatricians”, the past Editor in Chief of American Journal of Pharmacy Benefit and on the editorial boards of a number of healthcare journals, Jan is considered a national health care thought leader. Jan speaks and writes on a broad range of health care and pharmaceutical services issues.

Jan holds both a Doctor of Medicine degree and a master’s degree in jurisprudence from Loyola University in Chicago, and a Certificate in Healthcare Business Administration from University of South Florida. She also holds a black belt in Six Sigma. Jan is an assistant professor at Northwestern University School of Medicine and School of Communication in Chicago, Illinois where she teaches the Engaging the Consumer in Health course.

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