DayTwo Announces New Behavioral Science Approach for Diabetes Care

Walnut Creek, Calif. — May 27, 2021 — DayTwo, a leader in precision medicine with the largest and highest resolution microbiome discovery platform in the world, announced today that it has launched a unique methodology for addressing depression in people with diabetes. The new solution, called EATS™ (Engage, Assess, Transition, Support), uses psychological techniques to overcome emotional barriers to chronic condition management.

The model was developed by DayTwo’s clinical team including staff psychologists, behavioral scientists and gastroenterologists with expertise in the gut/brain axis. Depression and diabetes have a bidirectional relationship each capable of impacting the other. Diabetes can lead to depression and depression can lead to diabetes. According to the CDC, approximately 30% of people with diabetes experience symptoms of depression.

With EATS™, DayTwo has yet again reinvented the metabolic disease care model by incorporating a unique approach that addresses mental health. This will likely yield even higher engagement rates and improve the already outstanding outcomes of DayTwo’s program. DayTwo’s protocol is based on scientific discoveries that use microbiome profiling and a unique artificial intelligence-based algorithm which found that people respond differently to the same food. Further, blood sugar response to food and food combinations varies by person based on each individual’s unique microbiome. This is a completely different approach from traditional population health programs, which typically focus on monitoring, one-size-fits-all or carb elimination diets.

In May 2021, DayTwo presented the science behind the gut/brain connection at the Health Action Council (HAC), which represents large employers working to enhance human and economic health. HAC represents more than 220 employers and union groups that cover over 2.6 million unique lives.

“We are thrilled to announce our new approach to behavior change as part of our award-winning program for diabetes and metabolic disease during mental health awareness month,” said Josh Stevens, president of DayTwo. “Metabolic disease carries both psychological and physiological dimensions. Our members benefit from both precision nutrition and behavioral science.”

Watch the HAC presentation here.

DayTwo, a leader in precision medicine with the world’s largest and highest resolution microbiome discovery platform, offers a sustainable path to remission for metabolic disease (diabetes, prediabetes, clinical obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease).

DayTwo’s solution for metabolic disease improves health outcomes and reduces or eliminates prescription medications by improving Time in Range and lowering A1C, through gut microbiome profiling, artificial intelligence and dedicated virtual care.

Metabolic disease is the first condition to be addressed by DayTwo’s microbiome discovery platform, and along with artificial intelligence and dedicated virtual care, offers an engaging and effective care plan for chronic disease.

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