The DayTwo Personalized Nutrition App

Our easy-to-use app includes all of the information you need for your journey
to better nutrition and improved health

The DayTwo App

Make better meal choices with our comprehensive recommendations categories, based on your personalized DayTwo score

  • Your Top Meals
  • Snack Smarter
  • Score Your Meal

Your Top Meals

View a list of recommended meals in multiple categories, sorted by your individual DayTwo score

  • Categories include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and many others
  • Select meals based on your personal DayTwo score, portion size and calorie range
  • View detailed nutrition information for each meal as well as the microbes that affected your score the most

Score Your Meal

Build your own meal out of hundreds of thousands available items to see what your personal score will be

  • Search our comprehensive database of food items
  • Add items to your meal, including serving sizes
  • Calculate your personal DayTwo score for the meal you built
  • Save your favorite meals and their score

Snack Smarter

Find out how to snack healthier by choosing snacks with your best DayTwo score

  • No need to avoid snacks between meals
  • Find out what snacks are best for your body from your personalized list

Learn More About Your Microbiome

  • Find out which bacteria in your gut significantly affects your DayTwo score
  • Learn about the science of your microbiome

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